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About Us

Jewel Straps are jewelry bra straps for your strapless bra. Jewel Straps add glamour to tank top styles, strapless, and one shoulder ensembles. Rhinestones, crystals, and high-end fashion metals are used to provide an elegant, jewelry-like finish. Jewel Straps hook onto your favorite strapless bra to provide support and limit the movement of the strapless bra to less desirable positions. Jewel Straps are adjustable so everyone can have a perfect fit.

VisiWear was created to provide an alternative to traditional bra straps. Our founder became frustrated with constantly hiding her bra straps and the constant adjustment required by a strapless bra without straps. There were no good alternatives so the journey to provide one ensued. Jewel Straps are a solution to a common problem endured by millions of women across the globe. Our bra straps are made of strong quality materials and are lead-free and hypoallergenic. Our in-house designers keep designs fresh and create new collections that align with style trends. Jewel Straps can be customized for designers, sororities, sports teams, school/rec clubs, dance troupes, etc. Use the contact form to inquire about our fundraising opportunities and philanthropy.